Application within Dioceses – Recommended Standards

These recommended standards to dioceses are intended to:

  • assist dioceses to develop and communicate local arrangements
  • enable dioceses to continue to provide spiritual and pastoral care
  • support parish and chaplaincy teams maintain their presence as agents of spiritual and pastoral care in a way that both protects those engaged in ministry and protects those who need their support and help.


Worship Services


Church communities are places where people gather for worship and fellowship.

On 8 May 2020 the Commonwealth Government announced an easing of restrictions relating to religious services, weddings and funerals.  The 3 Step Framework for a COVID Safe Australia will be implemented as determined by State Governments.


Live Streaming and Video Production of Worship Services

Access to online church services will support those who are unable to attend church services due to illness or self-isolation.

Dioceses should consider coordinating advice to churches on live streaming or posting videos of services online in line with Commonwealth and state or territory directives.

Links to state directives on the restrictions on gatherings indoor and outdoors can be accessed here.

See the link below on the Church of England site which provides practical advice on live streaming.

Note:  Information on  links to livestreaming of services should not be promoted on websites and Facebook pages that are open to the public.  Parishes should only send the link by email to parish member or members of its private Facebook group.  For further information see:

Copyright and Privacy

The following issues will also need to be considered:

CCLI live streaming licence

Each church that intends to conduct live streaming must have its own individual CCLI Church Copyright live streaming licence.  This licence allows you to stream or podcast your live-recorded worship service music on your church’s website or other streaming services.  Group licences are currently not available.  Further details see

APBA copyright

Copyright for the use of material from A Prayer Book for Australia should be acknowledged during livestreaming and a graphic added to end of any published videos.

Use of music during livestreaming services

Those who are using contemporary songs will need to purchase a licence via CCLI as noted above.  Those who are using traditional hymns played live rather than recordings should not require permission if the music is in the public domain, which much of it is.

Choral music will need to be in the public domain otherwise a license will be required.  Parishes should seek the advice of their person who usually coordinates music in their parish in this regard.

Use of video during livestreaming services

Showing film scenes, videos or clips will require specific licencing to prevent against any breaches of copyright.


Privacy law should also be considered in the case of livestreaming.  Ensuring that you have the permission of those who may appear in your livestream will minimise the risk of a privacy breach.

The Australian Copyright Council’s video livestreams and copyright information sheet is here.


Liturgical and Prayer Resources

Dioceses should develop and communicate a range of liturgical and prayer resources to be available online or to be shared with parishioners through mail or other distribution.  It is important to note that many of our congregations will not have access to online communications.

A prayer in time of epidemic disease

Lord Jesus Christ, healer and friend,
come and care for all of us
through the danger and uncertainty
of the coronavirus epidemic.

To people who are sick, bring healing.
To people who are displaced, isolated,
or cut off from family, friends or work,
bring comfort and companionship.

Work with medical staff as they care for the sick,
and protect them from harm.
Give skill and fruitful research to scientists
as they work on treatments and a vaccine.
To public health authorities, give wisdom
to decide the best ways to manage
both this crisis and our anxieties.
When communities are fearful,
give a calm spirit,
and kindness to neighbours and strangers.

Through this testing time,
and through all the risks we face together,
teach us once again how we can love one another
as you have loved us. Amen.