General Synod Office

The General Synod functions as a forum for the 23 Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia to consider and determine matters in the affairs of the Church and in the Church’s engagement with society.

The Office of the General Synod provides for the efficient functioning of the General Synod, Secretariat support to the Standing Committee and its Executive Committee, resources its Commissions, Task Forces and Working Groups and supports the functions of the Primate.

The Office is based in Sydney and the General Secretary leads a small team to deliver financial, administrative, project management and secretariat services to the support the implementation of General Synod objectives.


The primary mission of the General Synod Office is to assist the Church in its engagement with Australian society.

Five strategies have been developed as a means of implementing this mission as we seek to:

  • develop the work of the national institutions;
  • provide ideas and initiatives directly;
  • be more efficient in the use of our resources;
  • offer our advice in the area of finance and administration;
  • and develop effective communications within the church and with the public arena.

Contact the General Synod Office

Anglican Church of Australia
Suite 4, Level 5
189 Kent Street
Sydney  NSW  2000

Reception Hours:  Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

General Enquiries:
Office Telephone:  +61 2 8267 2700
Office Fax:  +61 2 8267 2727
Postal Address:  same as street address above


General Secretary
Ms Anne Hywood
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2700 (reception)

Executive Officer
Sarah Mayhew
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2705

Finance and Operations Manager
Ms Marianne Yacoel
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2703

Mrs Renee Tudehope
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2702

Long Service Leave Fund Administration Manager
Ms Shirall Mayers
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2710

National Register Officer
Mr Sidney Pelcz
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2704

Safe Ministry Officer
Ms Meenal Selvaratnam
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2711

Administrative Assistant
Mrs Minna Magoulias
Ph:  +61 2 8267 2700