Family Violence

National Anglican Family Violence Project

The Anglican Church of Australia has conducted Australia’s first known national research into family violence within faith communities.

The National Anglican Family Violence Project (NAFVP) investigated the prevalence, experience, and impact of family violence for those who identify as Anglicans in Australia.

Media Announcement 9 June 2021 here
Top Line Research Results here
Ten Commitments for Prevention and Response to Domestic and Family Violence in the Anglican Church of Australia here

An announcement launching the project in June 2019 is available here.

Family Violence Working Group

The Family Violence Working Group was established by the Standing Committee of General Synod at its meeting in December 2017 in response to Resolutions 20/17, 23/17, 49/17 and 50/17 passed at the Seventeenth Session of the General Synod:

The role of the Family Violence Working Group is to:

a)    investigate a professionally designed, independent research study into the nature and prevalence of family violence within the Australian Anglican Church population
b)    establish the nature and extent of current Family Violence policies, pastoral care frameworks and training modules across Dioceses.
c)    develop a “best practice” model policy and pastoral care framework for responding well to situations involving family violence within our parishes and organisations
d)    recommend curriculum content and/or guidelines to address unhealthy views about power or the marginalisation of women and other survivors of family violence.



The membership of the Family Violence Working Group is:

  • The Reverend Tracy Lauersen, Convenor (Gippsland, member of General Synod and General Synod Standing Committee)
  • The Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell (Melbourne, member of General Synod)
  • Reverend Scott Holmes (Brotherhood of St Laurence, Melbourne)
  • Ms Ruth Holt (Canberra Goulburn)
  • Dr Karin Sowada (Sydney, member of General Synod and General Synod Standing Committee)