Canons and Rules

One of the functions of the General Synod is to make Canons and Rules relating to the order and good government of this Church including Canons in respect of ritual, ceremonial and discipline. The Constitution, Canons and Rules of the Anglican Church of Australia are published after the General Synod Session in ‘The Green Book’.

Canons affecting the order and good government of a diocese require adoption in that diocese for it to come into effect. Not every Australian diocese has adopted the legislation listed below. To clarify whether any particular Canon has effect in a diocese, please contact the General Synod Office on (02) 8267 2700.


This page lists Canons made by the General Synod which are in effect. A search function is provided  through which a particular canon can be found by searching by Year, Canon Title, Purpose or Keyword.

For a full chronological listing of all legislation passed by the General Synod since 1962, please see Resources/Legislation.