Anglican Long Service Leave Fund

The Church established the Anglican Long Service Leave Fund in 1966 by Canon of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia to provide a benefit to a participant’s diocese/organisation to help it meet the cost when a participant takes a period of long service leave.

The Fifteenth General Synod in 2010 passed the Long Service Leave Canon 2010. This Canon came into effect on 1 January 2015 replacing the Long Service Leave Canon 1992 following assent by all Dioceses in 2014. 

The Seventeenth General Synod in 2017 passed amendments to the Long Service Leave Canon 2010. These amendments came into effect on 2 October 2017 and apply from 1 January 2018. 

If you are a participant of the Long Service Leave Fund, please contact your diocese or participating organisation for further information. For all other queries, please contact the Fund Administrator via email or on (02) 8267 2700.

Long Service Leave Board

The Long Service Leave Board, as constituted under Part II of the Long Service Leave Canon 2010, meets quarterly throughout the year to receive and to consider various Fund matters including the Fund’s administration, the investment of Fund monies, actuarial and other reports, and to consider matters relevant to the Fund’s operation.


Long Service Leave Fund Fundamentals

Summary of the Main Provisions of the Fund.


Long Service Leave Fund Administration Policies

The Long Service Leave Board has established and approved the following administration policies:


Participating Organisation for the purpose of the Long Service Leave Fund

An organisation which employs one or more members of clergy and agrees to the terms and conditions of participating in the scheme of this Canon, upon application to and approval by the Board to become a participating organisation.