Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is responsible for the affairs of General Synod in between General Synod sessions.


The Standing Committee membership is:

The Primate, who is also the President,
The Metropolitans of the Provinces,
The Chair of Committees of the Synod,
The elected lay and clerical Secretaries of the Synod,
Three elected diocesan Bishops,
Nine elected members of the House of Clergy,
Nine elected members of the House of Laity,
Two appointed members of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC),
The General Secretary.


The current members are:

Primate:  The Most Rev’d Geoffrey Smith (Metropolitan of the Province of South Australia)


The Most Rev’d Dr Phillip Aspinall (Metropolitan of the Province of Queensland)
The Most Rev’d Dr Glenn Davies (Metropolitan of the Province of New South Wales)
The Most Rev’d Dr Philip Freier (Metropolitan of the Province of Victoria)
The Most Rev’d Kay Goldsworthy AO (Metropolitan of the Province of Western Australia)

Chair of Committees:  Dr Ian Gibson

Clerical Secretary:  The Very Rev’d Katherine Bowyer

Lay Secretary:  Mr Timothy Reid

House of Bishops:

The Rt Rev’d Dr Richard Condie
The Rt Rev’d John Stead
The Rt Rev’d Garry Weatherill

House of Clergy:

The Venerable David Bassett
The Venerable Canon Arthur Copeman
The Rev’d Dr Andrew Ford
The Venerable Greg Harris
The Rt Rev’d Dr Timothy Harris
The Rev’d Tracy Lauersen
The Very Rev’d Dr Mary Lewis
The Very Rev’d Kanishka Raffel
The Rt Rev’d Dr Michael Stead

House of Laity:

Mr Garth Blake AM SC
Dr Leanne Beagley
Mrs Fiona McLean
Ms Audrey Mills
Justice Debra Mullins AO
Dr Karin Sowada
Dr Carolyn Tan
Dr Robert Tong AM
Acting Justice Peter Young AO QC

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council (NATSIAC):

The Rt Rev’d Chris McLeod
Ms Rose Elu

General Secretary:  Ms Anne Hywood

General Synod Treasurer:  Mr Keith Stephens


Rule II outlines the powers and duties of Standing Committee.  Meetings are usually held twice each year.

May 2018

March 2018

December 2017

September 2017

May 2017

February 2017

November 2016

May 2016

November 2015

May 2015

November 2014



Meeting dates for 2020



Executive Committee of Standing Committee

Audit Committee

Investment Committee