Anglican Schools

Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) is a Network of General Synod to which all Australian Anglican schools are eligible members. ASA is a collegial body comprising a diverse range of schools – urban, regional and rural, low through to high fee, single sex and co-educational, independent and systemic, day tuition and boarding. Overall, there is a strong commitment to the socially disadvantaged through bursaries and scholarships, indigenous education initiatives, community service and extension of the offering of each school’s activities into local communities and parishes. Each Australian Anglican school has a School Council in place to ensure it is governed effectively at the local level, is fulfilling its Christian, academic and pastoral mission, is well managed financially and is meeting the needs of the school and wider community.

ASA is recognised by the General Synod of The Anglican Church of Australia under Part V of the Strategic Issues, Task Forces and Other bodies Canon 19, 1998 as a Network. Our purpose is as follows:

The Network, giving honour to God, putting God first and working within God’s will, seeks to:

  • Provide a forum at National level for Anglican schools to facilitate discussion particularly on spiritual, moral and values related issues as they have a bearing on education.
  • Be an effective network of General Synod of the Anglican Church.
  • Achieve recognition of Anglican Schools as part of the mission of the Anglican Church.
  • Engage with the Commonwealth Government, national Anglican agencies, other national education bodies and industry groups on matters which affect the Church’s mission through Anglican schools.
  • Be a forward-looking, dynamic organisation aiming to develop a strong unity of purpose among Anglican Schools.
  • Report to General Synod on major matters discussed at the Network.

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There are almost 155 Anglican schools located in twenty Dioceses across Australia. Our schools educate over 155,000 pupils. Anglican schools are the third largest schooling sector in Australia, after government and Catholic schools.

For further information about any of the schools which are a member of Anglican Schools Australia, please click here:

For information about other Anglican schools, refer to each diocesan website under Dioceses and Parishes.