30th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women

Movers Joseph, K

That Synod notes that:
this year marks the 30th anniversary of the ordination of the first women priests in the Anglican Church of Australia and that by the end of 1992 92 women had been ordained priests Australia wide – ‘92 in 92’;

Currently, according to the Anglican Church Directory 2020/21 there are 3831 clergy of whom 888 (23%) are women. Of this number there are 7 bishops, 397 active priests, 171 active deacons, 66 whose position is not specified and 247 who are retired;

and acknowledges the important contribution ordained women have made and continue to make to worship, ministry and leadership in the Anglican church.

and notes further that this year will be a time for observance of this anniversary across the nation;

and that 2 of the original 92 in 92: the Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy AO, the Archbishop of Perth and the Right Reverend Kate Prowd, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Melbourne are members of this Synod.

The Right Rev’d Dr Keith Joseph moving, Justice Debra Mullins AO seconding

Resolution year: 2022
Resolution number: 109/18