AAPB-2: Formation of Draft Book

Movers Bartlett, L.F.

That General Synod requests the Liturgical Commission to present a draft revision of AAPB to the next session of General Synod for authorisation by canon, and that:

(a) General Synod request Standing Committee to prepare a canon similar to that which authorised AAPB in 1977 to authorise the revised book if Synod so determines;
(b) General Synod encourages the Liturgical Commission to continue producing revised services for trial use under section 4 of the Constitution;
(c) Standing Committee be requested to make arrangements for provincial conferences of the members of General Synod prior to the next session of Synod to allow time and opportunity to discuss, amongst other matters coming before Synod, the draft prayer book, and that funds be made available to cover the travelling expenses of at least one member of the Liturgical Commission to each such conference;
(d) Standing Committee be requested to ensure that the copyright provisions not be used to restrict the availability of AAPB-1.

(Canon L.F. Bartlett – 9-7-92)

Resolution year: 1992
Resolution number: 44/92