Aboriginal Land Rights

Movers Challen, M.B.

That General Synod

i) welcomes the appointment of the General Synod Advisor on Aboriginal Affairs and expresses its gratitude to
the Australian Board of Missions for making this possible;

ii) re-affirms its commitment to the provision of land for Aboriginal communities as of moral right;

iii) declares that Aboriginal communities need to be able to have such land with security, and with the right of self
management which takes into full account the Aboriginal need for control over mining exploration and extraction;

iv) urges the Federal and State Governments to adopt legislation accordingly and provide sufficient resources for
its evolution and application, and

v) urges all Anglicans to work against the forces in our society which effectively keep Aboriginals as a powerless
and oppressed group in Australia.

(Bishop M.B. Challen, 30.8.85)

Resolution year: 1985
Resolution number: 58/85