Addresses on missionary subjects

Movers Pearson, G.A.

That Standing Orders be suspended sufficiently to allow the Federal Secretaries of the Bush Church Aid Society and of the Church Missionary Society to sit with the Synod on Thursday, 1st September, 1977 at 2.00 p.m. And that he may then have opportunity to move that these Secretaries and the Chairman of the Australian Board of Missions be given opportunity to speak to their several Reports, to alert the Synod to the current situation in the areas for which they are responsible, and in particular that the Federal Secretary of the Church Missionary Society be asked to convey to the Diocese of Central Tanganyika the greetings of General Synod, our congratulations on the fiftieth anniversary 9of the founding of that diocese, and our assurance of continuing fellowship in the service of Christ.

(The Reverend G.A. Pearson, 31.8.77)

On Thursday, 1st September the Reverend G.A. Pearson moved that the Secretaries and the Chairman of the bodies mentioned be seated and address the Synod.

Resolution year: 1977
Resolution number: 36/77