Aid to Developing Countries

Movers Bishop of Gippsland

That this Synod urges the members of this Church to support more actively such funds as Inter-Church Aid, the Freedom From Hunger Campaign and the Self-Tax Movement promoted by the Australian Council of Churches in order to help meet the present emergencies of poverty and hunger in the world; and that the Synod requests the Federal Government

(a) to increase annually the percentage of the Gross National Product officially transferred as financial resources,
exclusive of private investment to developing countries so as to reach the minimum net amount of one per cent by 1971.

(b) to conclude agreements stabilizing and supporting at an acceptable level the prices of vulnerable primary
products and providing preferential access to developed markets for the manufactured products of developing countries; and

(c) to examine ways and means of expanding to the developing countries, the services of scientific and technical
experts, such as the Snowy Mountains Authority, in the advancing of their primary and secondary industries.

(The Bishop of Gippsland, 24.9.69)

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 48/69