Alcohol and drug abuse

Movers Norris, B.J.

That this Synod

i) notes the special interest in alcohol and drug abuse as a major national health problem taken by the present
Federal Government;

ii) notes the work of the “Drug Summit” of April 1985 and the recommendations of the Drugs in Australia:
National Action Workshop prepared for that summit;

iii) applauds the Government for this concern and encourages it to pursue increased programmes of health
promotion and rehabilitation in Australia;

iv) notes the CICDAW programme being pursued by the Churches together with the Federal Health Department
in the A.C.T. And asks the Social Responsibilities Commission and the Standing Committee of General Synod to monitor its progress with a view to its subsequent implementation by the Churches in other parts of Australia.

(Mr B.J. Norris, 31.8.85)

Resolution year: 1985
Resolution number: 60/85