Alcohol and drug abuse

Movers George, I.G.

That this General Synod:

(i) notes the increasing incidence of problems of alcohol and drug abuse in Australian society;

(ii) commends the Federal Government for its recent commitment to lower the le4vel of consumption of
alcohol in Australia;

(iii) commends the recent State and Federal Government reports on these problems to the study of the
Australian Church;

(iv) notes the continuing work of the Australian Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Dependence in bringing
these matters before the public;

(v) asks the Federal Government to give serious consideration to the allocation of an increased proportion of
excise duties to the work of education, prevention and rehabilitation programmes associated with such problems of abuse;

(vi) asks the Social Responsibilities Commission to consider this matter and produce recommendations for the
study of the members of the Anglican Church of Australia leading to responsible individual and corporate leadership in this area;

(vii) urges Federal and Statement Governments to find more effective ways to curtail both direct and indirect
channels for the advertising of liquor, and tobacco products.

(Dean J.G. George, 28.8.81)

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 58/81