Anglican-Muslim Dialogue - 2

Movers Bolt, P.

That this General Synod:
Notes the 2003 Christian book of the year, by Tony Payne, Islam in our Backyard, recognising that this book has been circulated to all Federal politicians and to some State politicians also.
Resists the banishment of religious discussion from the public arena, and commends open public discussion of the truth claims of both Islam and Christianity (and other religions).
Urges Federal and State politicians to resist any moves to stifle open, honest discussion of the disparate truth claims made by any religion or political party of philosophical group that seeks to utilise freedom of speech in Australia to make their views known.
Requests the General Secretary to write to Federal and State political leaders expressing the sentiment of this resolution and respectfully requesting that, in their endeavours to prevent the vilification of any Australian resident, they show particular care to maintain an environment that allows for free speech, honest discussion, and genuine persuasion.

Peter Bolt – 5 Oct 04

Resolution year: 2004
Resolution number: 49/04