Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue

Movers Newman, P.J.

This Synod requests the Primate to explore with the Chairman of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference the proposal brought to and endorsed by the Missionary and Ecumenical Commission for the establishment of an Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue Group (AUSTARC); that subject to the agreement of the Standing Committee of General Synod the terms of reference of such group be:

(a) the promotion of the work of ARCIC,

(B) the development of contacts with other national ARC’s, and

(c) The consideration of matters of particular concern in Australia including the family; mixed marriages, co-operating parishes and ministries;

and that the membership of the group be six from each Church, the Anglican members t be appointed by the Primate n consultation with the Standing Committee of General Synod.

(Archdeacon P.J. Newman, 25-8-89)

Resolution year: 1989
Resolution number: 57/89