Movers George, I.G.

That this Synod:

i) re-affirms its belief that the system of apartheid in South Africa is evil and especially repugnant because of the cruel way a tyrannical racist system is being upheld;

ii) supports the present programmes of economic sanctions pursued by the Australian Government;

iii) supports the continuing efforts of member dioceses to avoid investment in companies with interests in the
South African economy;

iv) requests from the Commonwealth Government a detailed report on the enforcement of the Code of Conduct*
over the past 2 years, identifying in particular the shortcomings revealed by the experience of the past 2 years and proposals to overcome those shortcomings; and

v) asks the Commonwealth Government what actions are being taken to discourage Australian investment in
South Africa, and South African investment in Australia.

(Archdeacon I.G. George, 25-8-89)

*Code of Conduct – In November 1985, then Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Hayden, announced the establishment of a voluntary Code of Conduct for Australian companies involved in South Africa. Implementation of the Code is the responsibility of the Administrator, Mr Ron Bannerman who has now presented two annual reports to Parliament.

Resolution year: 1989
Resolution number: 66/89