Appointment of Synod Officers and Committees

Movers St John, R.T. Bishop of Armidale Macdonald, T.B. Thomas, T.W. Delbridge, G.R.

(a) Secretaries of Synod
That the Very Reverend E.A. Barker be elected as Clerical Secretary and Mr J.P. Lane as lay Secretary of Synod.

(Mr R.T. St John, 21.5.73)

(b) Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Committees
That Mr Justice Richardson be elected as Chairman of Committees and Mr J.F. Patrick as Deputy Chairman of Committees.

(The Bishop of Armidale, 21.5.73)

(c) Committee of Elections and Qualifications
That the following be nominated to the Committee of Elections and Qualifications for this Synod:
His Honour Mr Justice Bleby
The Honourable Mr Justice Richardson
Mr T.G. Littleton
Mr R.T. St John
Mr J.G. Denton

(The Right Reverend T.B. Macdonald, 21.5.73)

(d) Committee to Arrange Order of Business
That the Committee to arrange the Order of Business comprise the Chairman of Committees and the Secretaries of Synod.

(The Very Reverend T.W. Thomas, 21.5.73)

(e) Minute Reading Committee
That a Minute Reading Committee be appointed to read and certify as a correct record the Minutes of meetings of Synod for confirmation by Synod and that the following be the members of the Committee, any two to certify:
Miss I.F. Jeffreys
Mr A.G. James
Mr B.H. Houston
The Reverend Canon J.R.L. Johnstone)

(The Right Reverend G.R. Delbridge, 21.5.73)

Resolution year: 1973
Resolution number: 03/73