Appreciation to the Primate and Lady Grindrod

Movers Archbishop of Adelaide

That this General Synod, noting that the Most Reverend J.B.R. Grindrod, K.B.E., will complete his term as Primate of this Church on his retirement from the office of Archbishop of Brisbane on 4 December next, records its profound thanks to Almighty God for the dedicated ministry of John Grindrod, particular as Bishop of Riverina 1966-1971, Bishop of Rockhampton 1971-1980, Archbishop of Brisbane 1980-1989 and Primate 1982-1989. In particular the Synod gives thanks for Archbishop Grindrod’s leadership of the Liturgical Commission in the preparation of An Australian Prayer Book and for the significant part which he played in the widespread acceptance of that book throughout the Church. As Primate he has given himself unreservedly to pastoral leadership and to the preservation of the unity of this Church in the fact of some divisive issues. He has played a notable part in the ecumenical movement in Australia and his wisdom has been recognised in the meetings of Primates of the Anglican Communion. The Synod wishes Sir John and Lady Grindrod a contented and fruitful retirement and prays that, free from the burdens of office, Archbishop Grindrod may continue to exercise a valued ministry in the future.

(The Archbishop of Adelaide, 25-8-89)

The motion was supported by Archdeacon M. McGregor and Mr Blanckensee. The motion was carried by acclamation, members of Synod standing. Lady Grindrod and the Primate responded.

Resolution year: 1989
Resolution number: 55/89