Appropriate Youth Strategies - proposed national study

Movers Appleby, R.F.

That General Synod, in this International Youth Year, recognising:

i) the difficulties experienced by families in today’s society in passing on the Faith and Christian values for living
to the children; and

ii) the pressures and dilemmas felt by adolescents as they move towards adulthood, requests the Social
Responsibilities Commission, in co-operation with the National Anglican Youth Unit of the General Board of Religious Education, to undertake a national study to search out appropriate strategies for the church to support and strengthen adolescents and their parents in family life and to minister to young people alienated from family and other supportive networks, and report to the 1989 meeting of General Synod.

(Bishop R.F. Appleby, 31.8.85)

Resolution year: 1985
Resolution number: 63/85