Assistant Bishops as members of the House of Bishops

Movers Heathcote, S.R.

That this General Synod affirms the principle that Assistant Bishops should be members of the House of Bishops of General Synod; and

(a) requests the Primate in consultation with Standing Committee, to appoint a Committee to prepare legislation
to implement this principle and that such legislation be submitted to the next session of General Synod.

(b) Further that in preparing such legislation the committee be directed to take particular note of the principle
presently enshrined in the Constitution that each diocese is equally represented in the House of Bishops, and to consider whether it is possible to reconcile this principle with the membership by Assistant Bishops of the House of Bishops of General Synod.

(Mr S.R. Heathcote, 1.9.77)

Resolution year: 1977
Resolution number: 65/77