Asylum Seekers

Movers Morton, R.

That this General Synod requests the Primate to write to both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Federal Opposition to communicate the following:
a) that members of the General Synod of The Anglican Church of Australia do not minimise the complexity of the issues surrounding the arrival on our shores of men, women and children; however
b) that the General Synod, affirming unambiguously the clear teaching of Scripture about the value of every person in the sight of God, urges that the Government take immediate and sufficient steps to ensure that all persons intercepted on their way to or arriving on our shores, by whatever means, are treated with dignity, respect and in way which do not impact adversely their physical or mental well-being.

Mr Russell Morton to moved, The Revd Canon Dr Julia Perry seconding, 23 Sept 10

Resolution year: 2010
Resolution number: 157/10