Australian Freedom Network

Movers Brain, M

Bishop Matt Brain moving, Bishop Stephen Pickard seconding

That this General Synod –

1. Notes the establishment of the Australian Freedom Network (AFN) signed by the Primate on our behalf;
2. Commends those involved in the establishment of the Global Freedom Network of which the AFN is part;
3. Acknowledges the continuing reality of human trafficking and slavery, and laments the damage that this does to all involved as a distortion of what it means to be created in God’s image;
4. Commits to personal and organisational behaviour that utilises tools such as the “Ethical Fashion Guide” and information regarding corporate supply trains to inform decisions surrounding consumption so that ethical choices can be made; and
5. Requests that the General Synod network, Anglican Schools Australia, consider how it may collaborate with the AFN to explore how Anglican Schools in Australia may be supported as they educate students to be ethical leaders in the Australian community.

6 September 2017

Resolution year: 2017
Resolution number: 42/17