Bill/Canon to alter the Constitution with respect to alteration of the Constitution - II.

Movers Cameron, N.M.

Upon ascertainment that numbers were insufficient, Mr N.M. Cameron moved:

(1) unless within nine (9) months from today, the Standing Committee should determine otherwise, for the
purpose of ascertaining if two thirds of the members of each house support the third reading and if a majority of all dioceses including two metropolitan dioceses also support the third reading, a postal ballot be conducted in accordance with rules to be laid down by the Standing Committee or assent sought by ordinance of each diocesan synod passed in the usual way, as the Standing Committee may be advised;

(2) each diocese be requested to assent to the bill as required by Section 67(d) if and after the third reading of
the bills has taken place;

(3) subject to the third readings being passed, the bills do now pass and the titles be as printed; and

(4) so many of standing orders as may preclude the foregoing be suspended.

(Mr N.M. Cameron, 31.8.85)

Resolution year: 1985
Resolution number: 70/85