Cambodian Refugee Women

Movers Archbishop of Adelaide

That this Synod note the distress of the three Cambodian women at present close to death from fasting in fear of forced repatriation, and recommend –

1. That the Minister for Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs offer the three women 3 months’
amnesty to allow time for professional trauma counsellors to work with them and to ensure that all avenues of appeal have bee exhausted;
2. That the Government still further increase its resources for speedy determination of refugee status and
provide sufficient trauma counsellors for helping boat people understand the personal and social issues involved as well as the legal procedures;
3. That the Government give special consideration to boat people who arrived before resources were available
for speedy determination of status, especially those who have been in detention for two years or more;
4. That the Government re-examine the whole question of detention and seek ways whereby boat persons may
be at liberty while their refugee claims are being assessed;

and that the General Secretary communicate the terms of this resolution to the appropriate authorities.

(The Archbishop of Adelaide – 22-11-92)

Resolution year: 1992
Resolution number: 86/92