Child Protection Measures

Movers Mills, A.

Ms Audrey Mills moved, Mrs Dianne Shay seconded,

The General Synod:

a) commends the National Council of Churches in Australia for organising the Safe as Churches? 2011 and the Safe as Churches? 2013 conferences on sexual misconduct and abuse in the Australian churches, and supports ongoing joint action by member churches and other participating Australian churches to promote the welfare and safety of all people within their communities and requests the General Secretary to convey this resolution to the National Council of Churches in Australia;
b) recommends that the Commonwealth Government promote a national system that provides for:
i) the mandatory Reporting of child abuse by persons including ministers of religion to the police and the government child protection authorities;
ii) the screening of all persons seeking to work with children in a paid or voluntary capacity;
iii) the mutual recognition of clearances for persons to work with children in all States and Territories; and
requests that the General Secretary conveys this resolution to the Prime Minister, the Premier or Chief Minister of each State and Territory and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

30 June 2014

Resolution year: 2014
Resolution number: 23/14