Children's And Young People's Ministry Task Force

Movers Stoddart, L.

That the Standing Committee pursuant to Clause 6 of the Strategic Issues, Task Forces and other Bodies Canon 1998 as amended establish a Task Force to be known as the Children’s and Young Peoples Ministry Task Force with the following functions:

A. To identify nationally strategies for implementation at Diocesan, regional and parish levels to forward the mission of Christ to people of all ages by:
Analysing the age profiles of attenders in this Church
Analysing the affect of cultural change on the Australian community with particular regard to people not involved in communities of Christian faith.
Examining, reflecting and describing best practice ministry to children and young people in rural, provincial, urban and suburban contexts.

B. To recommend to the Standing Committee general matters of:
Strategy and effective education and mission ministry to Australia’s children and youth;
The training and recruiting of volunteers and professional children’s and young people’s ministers; and,
More effective mission to unchurched children and young people in schools and community

C. Before the next General Synod to review the effectiveness of this Task Force and to recommend either its continuance, abolition or the establishment of an expert panel on children and young people’s ministry.

D. That the membership of the Task Force include representation of people under the age of 25 years.

Dr L Stoddart moved, Miss S Bazzana seconding,
Carried 25/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 23/01