Civic ethics

Movers Bishop of Willochra

Synod notes that at a time of severe economic stringency and uncertainty, and reduction of expenditure on welfare services, disparities of personal income are increasing massive and publicly advertised tax evasion is tolerated, unemployment levels remain high, inflation has not been fully checked and industrial relations are everywhere under great strain.

Synod appeals to members of the Anglican Community

(a) to examine their consciences and to reform their personal lives overcoming greed and covetousness by the
Power of Christ,

(b) to repay any tax they have evaded,

(c) to be ready to make personal and financial sacrifices for the sake of the community.

Synod also appeals to the Commonwealth and State Governments to act more compassionately to protect the poor, the needy, the helpless.

Synod appeals to leaders in industry and commerce and Trade Union leaders as well as members of the Anglican Community and the Commonwealth and State Governments to do their utmost to work together for the common well-being of the nation and so to overcome these difficulties.

(The Bishop of Willochra, 28.8.81)

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 61/81