Commission on Canon Law

Movers Bleby, J.R.

That in accordance with the recommendation of the Rubrics Committee, the General Synod appoints a Canon Law Commission consisting of not more than ten persons, with the following functions:

(a) to consider to what extent (if any) the Canon Law of the Church of England applies and is enforceable in the
Church of England in Australia, and in particular in those dioceses which did not operate under an act of parliament before the Constitution of this Church came into being;

(b) to report to Standing Committee and to the next session of this Synod, and if thought fit, to make
recommendations to the Synod concerning the revision of the Canon Law of this Church;

(c) to continue the work of the Rubrics Committee and to consult with the Liturgical Commission concerning
the disciplinary rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer;

and that the Primate be respectfully requested to select the members of this Commission in consultation with the Standing Committee.

(The Venerable J.R. Bleby, 24.9.69)

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 58/69