Commission on Doctrine

Movers Bishop of Riverina

That General Synod requests the Primate in consultation with the Standing Committee to appoint a Commission on Doctrine consisting of twelve members including bishops, priests and laymen

(i) to study matters of Christian Doctrine including matters referred to it by General Synod.

(ii) to service as a consultant body to the Liturgical Commission and other Commissions and Committees of the
Church of England in Australia.

Further that this Commission, as a matter or urgency

(i) explore the theology of baptism and confirmation in relation to the need to commission the laity for
their task in the world as referred to in Resolution 25 of the 1968 Lambeth Conference, and

(ii) study the implications of Resolutions 43 of the 1968 Lambeth Conference relating to the Thirty Nine Articles.

The Commission to report from time to time to the Standing Committee and the next Session of General Synod with such recommendations as it thinks appropriate.

(The Bishop of Riverina, 17.9.69)

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 09/69