Commission on Evangelism

Movers Rodgers, M.

That General Synod affirms that evangelism is a fundamental obligation laid upon Christian people and it therefore resolves to ask the Primate in consultation with the Standing Committee to establish a short-term Commission on Evangelism with the following functions:
(a) to make a study of evangelism and of evangelistic initiatives taken and methods presently employed by voluntary, diocesan and national bodies, including those of other Churches, and of Churches overseas;
(b) to consider opportunities for evangelism in Australia, noting particularly the distinctive needs of some areas and communities, and to prepare a report for the
Church at large;
(c) to advise and encourage dioceses wanting assistance in evangelistic outreach;
(d) to enter into conversations with the agencies of other Churches in order to facilitate co-operation in evangelism, where this is practicable, at all levels of Church
life; and
(e) to report to the Standing Committee from time to time and to the next meeting of General Synod.

(Deaconess M. A. Rodgers, 24.8.81)

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 23/81