Commission on Ministry

Movers Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn

This Synod receives the Report of the Committee of the Conference on Mission and Ministry and resolves to establish a Commission on Ministry:

(i) to define, through its own labours or in consultation with others, the Mission of the Church in contemporary
(ii) to examine the organisation and effectiveness of the Church in the light of its Mission, and make from time
to time such recommendations for development and change in its ministry as the Commission thinks appropriate;
(iii) to consult with the Australian College of Theology and the General Board of Religious Education concerning
courses of training presently available or projected for those preparing for Ministry;
(iv) to make recommendations in connection with theological training designed to
(a) ensure that ordained ministers are fully competent to exercise their functions in the light of the Mission
of the Church; and
(b) assist lay members to contribute effectively in promoting the Mission of the Church;
(v) to examine the aims, objects and procedures used by the various interdenominational organisations
developed to augment the mission of the Christian Church particularly amongst lay people and to commend to the Church such of the procedures as are considered useful in the mission of the Church.

The Commission, which shall consist of ten members selected by the Primate after consultation with the Standing Committee, shall report at least annually to the Standing Committee, and to the next session of Synod.

(The Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, 23.5.73)

Resolution year: 1973
Resolution number: 15/73