Commission re Ministry of Deaconesses

Movers Bishop of Gippsland

That this General Synod appoint a Commission

(i) to make a survey of the ministry of Deaconesses in the Church of England in Australia at the present time;
(ii) to formulate a statement of what their function and status in the Church should be;
(iii) to prepare an Order of Service for the admission of women to the Order of Deaconesses which may be
authorised for use throughout this Church;
(iv) to present its report to the next Session of Synod.

That this Commission shall consist of the following:

(a) Three Diocesan Bishops chosen by the members of the House of Bishops.
(b) Three members of the House of Clergy and three members of the House of Laity chosen by the Standing
Committee of General Synod.
(c) Not more than four other persons of competence including at least two women to be co-opted by the above
members of the Commission.

The Commission to elect its own Chairman and Secretary. The Senior Bishop to convene the first meeting.

The travelling cost of one meeting to be met from the General Synod Budget.

(The Bishop of Gippsland, 29.9.66)

Resolution year: 1966
Resolution number: 27/66