Communicants at Services of Holy Communion

Movers Knife, J.A.

That General Synod notes the recommendations contained in the Resolutions of the Lambeth Conference, 1968, No. 45 (“Admission of Non-Anglicans to Holy Communion”) and No. 46 (“Anglicans Communicating in other than Anglican Churches”) and requests the Bishops to accept these resolutions for their guidance especially in the following circumstances

(a) communicants living in and visiting areas not effectively served by their own Churches;

(b) communicants amongst groups of people travelling or engaged in various enterprises of significance for the
Churches’ work, wishing to worship together in Holy Communion, but belonging to different Churches;

(c) communicants in family situations and relationships where members of the family belong to different
Churches and desire to receive Communion together;

(d) communicants in schools, colleges, hospitals and other close-knit communities;

(e) inter-Church activities at all levels, including conferences for the study and practice of the Christian faith
and schemes of co-operation between Anglican and other Churches which receive the approval of the Bishop or the Diocesan Synod.

(The Venerable J.A. Knife, 23.9.69)

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 31/69