Communion with Other Churches Process

Movers Appleby, R.F.

That General Synod notes that section 6 of the Constitution appears to lay down a twofold test for this Church to be in communion with another church. The first test is that the church concerned is in communion with the Church of England, and the second is that communion is consistent with the fundamental declarations of the Constitution. Synod further notes that The Anglican Church of Australia, has by resolution of General Synod, established a relationship of communion with:

Old Catholic Churches
Philippine Independent Catholic Church
The Church of North India and the Church of Pakistan
The Church of South India
The Mar Thoma Church

Synod asks the Standing Committee to recommend a process whereby:

1. This Church receives and collates information about churches in communion with the Church of England;

2. A mechanism for reporting to General Synod on whether communion in relation to each of those churches
is consistent with the Fundamental Declarations;

3. A mechanism for determining whether, in respect of a church with which this church has been in
communion, communion continues to be consistent with the Fundamental Declarations;

4. A process to be adopted in General Synod for the adoption or otherwise of any such reports; and

5. The maintenance of a register of churches with which this church is in communion.

[Bishop R.F. Appleby – 17-2-98]

Resolution year: 1998
Resolution number: 28/98