Conference on Church's Mission and Ministry

Movers Warren, C.A.

That this Synod requests the Primate in consultation with the Standing Committee and the Commission on Doctrine to set up a sub-committee for the following purposes:

(a) to plan and bring about within eighteen months if possible, a conference of the Church on the nature of the
Church’s mission and ministry; the conference agenda to include the episcopate, the priesthood, the diaconate, the honorary ministry, the ministry of women and the role of the laity;

(b) to refer the preparatory documents f the conference and its findings:

(i) to the Theological Education Committee with a statement (if necessary) of their implications for that
(ii) to the Commission on Doctrine;
(iii) to the Standing Committee;

(c) that Bishop Warren be the convenor of an organising committee with power to allocate preparatory papers,
to fix the location and to raise finance,

and asks the Standing Committee to ensure that the conference documents and findings, together with any appropriate observations from the Theological Education Committee and the Commission on Doctrine are circulated to the members of the next General Synod at least three months before that Synod assembles.

(The Right Reverend C.A. Warren, 23.9.69)

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 30/69