Conversations with other Churches

Movers Muston, G.B.

That this Synod
(a) affirms the participation of this Church in present conversations with other Churches, both nationally and internationally, and asks the M.E.C. To make generally known, from time to time, the matters being discussed and the areas of consensus and disagreement;
(b) adopts an immediate policy of working towards unity in diversity rather than organic union and strives for a mutual recognition of ministry and sacrament which will enable a free interchange between traditions; and
(c) asks the Missionary and Ecumenical Council
(i) to study further the present role of the Australian Council of Churches; to consider possible changes in that role, and other ways of increasing cooperative actions between denominations and the growth in unity in Australia of the Body of Christ;
(ii) more particularly, to consider whether the covenant proposals presently being studied in England offer a framework for Christian unity discussions between this Church and others in Australia;
and to report to the Standing Committee of General Synod within two years.

(Bishop G. B. Muston, 24.8.81)

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 22/81