Decade of Evangelism

Movers Cameron, E.D.

This General Synod, mindful of the call for a Decade of Evangelism, from the Lambeth Conference, encourages the dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia to spend some time in the next meeting of their Synod on:

(a) the validity of evangelism and mission in Australia and world-ide today;

(b) the explanation of how the Australian church responds to the call to mission through its agencies of
evangelism, development and community aid, and

(c) setting some goals for a Diocesan programme of evangelism and mission throughout the decade, knowing
that the Missionary Boards would be open to providing resources and negotiating a suitable speaker from the Church in the Third-world as a service to the Australian Church.

(Bishop E.D. Cameron, 25-8-89)

Resolution year: 1989
Resolution number: 41/89