Development aid

Movers Bishop of Willochra

That this General Synod

(a) expresses its thanks to the Australian people and the Australian Government for their continuing aid to
development countries, and urges an increase towards the target set by the U.N. Of 0.7% of the Gross Domestic Product;

(b) notes its appreciation that since the last General Synod the Australian Government has agreed to provide
$ for $ to voluntary agencies for approved projects in developing countries;

(c) commends the Prime Minister for his strong support for the North-South dialogue, for the removal of barriers
to trade with developing countries, and for his expressed intention to extend the scope of agricultural aid, and urges the Australian Government to implement such policies including any further necessary restructuring of Australian industry;

(d) notes its appreciation of those Australian Government policies that encourage and support indigenous cottage
industries and the application of appropriate new technology in developing countries and urges the Australian Government to continue to take careful account of the problems of industrialisation and of the need for equitable conditions of labour,

(The Bishop of Willochra, 27.8.81)

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 47/81