Doctrine of Terra Nullius

Movers Wood, C.M.

That General Synod:

(i) acknowledges the historic existence of the doctrine of Terra Nullius, “a land belonging to no one”, or “an
empty land”, and therefore General Synod fully supports the ruling of the High Court of Australia where, on the 3rd June, 1992 the High Court ruled that the enlarged notion of Terra Nullius be no longer held to apply to Australia;

(ii) believes it is the deeper questions of attitudes which really lie at the heart of social injustice, attitudes on
the part of one people toward another people;

(iii) states that just as God has accorded dignity to all human life, so must we;

(iv) requests each diocese to address the whole issue of Terra Nullius together with the questions of attitude
and common dignity as raised under this motion at their next diocesan synod, and that each diocesan synod request its bishops to ask that parishes take action on these issues.

[The Right Reverend C.M. Wood]

Resolution year: 1995
Resolution number: 31/95