Drought Task Force

Movers Yeats, P

That this General Synod:
a) acknowledges the harsh and transforming nature of drought across this land:
b ) expresses its prayerful solidarity with all who live in drought affected regions:
c) recognises that as a consequence of the drought the shape and nature of many of these communities will be forever changed and the mission, ministry and pastoral care provided by and within these communities are being seriously impacted and therefore it asks that the Standing Committee set up and resource a Task Force to:
(i) explore ways of dealing with the effects of drought as raised in [a), (b) and (c) above to ensure ongoing ministry by church communities in those rural areas.
ii) identify other issues of significance relating to the impact of the drought, and further
iii) asks the Provincial Bishops to look at the possibility of establishing similar Task Forces in each of the provinces which will specifically tackle the issues arising out of the impact of the drought on regional churches and faith communities.

The Revd Peter Yeats moved, The Revd David Thornton seconding, 24 Oct 07

Resolution year: 2007
Resolution number: 80/07