Encourage Church Unity

Movers Young, P

This General Synod endorses the following Statement and commends it to dioceses inviting each diocese to commit itself to fulfill to the best of its ability the expectations described in paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 following. The General Synod further acknowledges the importance of the serious internal issues raised in the Church Unity Task Force Supplementary Report and requests to the Standing Committee the continuation of work of this Task Force in a reconstituted form, to report to the next General Synod.

The Anglican Church of Australia is a fellowship within the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in which each member diocese recognises loyalty to Christ and in particular, a common faith and order, a shared inheritance in worship, life and mission and a readiness to live in an interdependent life.
The members of this Church are incorporated into the one body of Christ and are called by Christ to pursue all things that make for peace and unity.
This Church is constituted by the consent of its members and ratified by the Acts of Parliament of the several states and territories of Australia as the Anglican Church of Australia Act 1961 or 1962.

4 The dioceses of this church look to each other to spend time with openness and patience to listen pray and study together in order to discern the will of God for this Church and its people as we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit into all truth and to proclaim the Gospel afresh in each generation.
5 Each diocese expects that all dioceses will support each other and co-operate in a process of discernment and seeking direction for the spread of the Gospel throughout Australia and beyond.

The dioceses expect each other to act with diligence care and caution in respect of any action which may provoke controversy, which by its intensity, substance or extent could threaten the unity of this Church.

Resolution year: 2014
Resolution number: 52/14