Movers Wilmot, T.

That this General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia acknowledges:
God’s sovereignty over His creation through the Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:3);
The Anglican Communion’s 5th mark of mission “to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain and renew
life on Earth”; and

Supports the recent Anglican Consultative Council’s Resolution 14.15 (2009) “to weigh the environmental as well as the financial costs of all church activities”, and, in drawing the Resolution to the attention of Dioceses and agencies:

(1) The General Synod Liturgy Commission to develop liturgical resources that will encourage worship that
expresses the relationship between Creator and creation as “an integral part of the church’s yearly pattern of worship and teaching” (ACC, 2009);
(2) Australian Anglican Dioceses to encourage their “faith communities to understand that energy is part of God’s
provision, and that renewable energy should become the standard wherever possible (modified from ACC, 2009);
(3) The Anglican Church of Australia “to advocate for a sustainable economy with the national government”
(modified from ACC, 2009) giving high priority to environmental and social as well as to economic imperatives, for the long term wellbeing of all life on the Earth;
(4) The General Synod Standing Committee Environment Working Group, in collaboration with other relevant
Commissions develop a series of discussion papers with theological and policy reflection on key topics;
(5) The General Synod Standing Committee Environment Working Group to “provide means for Anglicans to
develop competencies in environmental stewardship and theological reflection on the sustainability of creation and the appropriate use of science and technology” (ACC, 2009) and provide advice and/or counsel to encourage and/or facilitate effective long-term sustainable management and use of environmental resources within Dioceses.

Bishop Tom Wilmot moved, Dr Karin Sowada seconding, 22 Sept 10

Resolution year: 2010
Resolution number: 118/10