Equal Representation of Women

Movers Lauersen, T

The Rev’d Tracy Lauersen moving, Ms Audrey Mills seconding

The General Synod –

Notes with disappointment that the resolution of the 2007 fourteenth Session of General Synod in regard to the equal representation of Women on General Synod Bodies (GS85/07) has not been effectively implemented, with equal representation of women on only three of the General Synod’s current 27 Bodies.
Requests the next General Synod Standing Committee to
a) Re-commit to the principle of equal representation of women in membership of its bodies and to ensure that this goal is met the Standing Committee agree to a target that all General Synod bodies (General Synod commissions, task forces and working groups) have 50% equal representation of women in their membership by 1st December 2019 wherever legislatively and practically possible.
b) Apply the principle of equal representation of women in membership of organisations where Standing Committee make appointments to other bodies wherever this is legislatively and practically possible.
c) Review annually the progress of this target.
3. Encourages each diocese to adopt the target of 50% equal representation of women in elections and appointments wherever legislatively and practically possible and to report back to the next General Synod.
4. Requests Standing Committee to report progress on this matter to the 18th Session of General Synod.

4 September 2017

Resolution year: 2017
Resolution number: 25/17