Movers Hollingworth, P.J.

That this Synod expresses grave concern at the legislation passed by the Northern Territory Parliament and similar moves being made subsequently by other State legislatures to legalise euthanasia in certain circumstances.

It affirms that life is a gift from God not to be taken, and is therefore not subject to matters such as freedom of individual choice.

It questions whether a practice of voluntary euthanasia can easily be prevented from sliding into a practice of involuntary euthanasia.

It affirms the right of patients to decline treatment but not to expect the active intervention by medical staff to end their lives.

It calls upon this Church, in collaboration with all other Christian churches, to promote broad-ranging debate amongst all Christians and throughout the community.

It urges members of State legislatures to vote against legislation to legalise euthanasia when such matters come before their Parliaments.

It calls on all dioceses, in consultation with the Bishop of the Northern Territory, to assist, as far as they are able, with the provision of palliative care services in the Northern Territory.

It requests the Social Responsibilities Commission to determine the likelihood of ecumenical support for the establishment of such services.

It calls upon governments to further improve access to high quality palliative care to ensure that all people will be able to die with dignity.

[The Right Reverend P.J. Hollingworth – 6-7-95]

Resolution year: 1995
Resolution number: 46/95