Evangelism Task Group

Movers Browning, G.V.

That this Synod confirms its continuing commitment to the Decade of Evangelism.

In particular it supports the Resolution of the Standing Committee in requesting the Evangelism Task Group to determine:

“what is required to assist our churches to be sources of ongoing evangelistic outreach and

what would a resolve on the part of our church to be enterprisingly and effectively evangelistic mean for:

Ministerial Training
Development of specialist evangelists
the catechumenal development of all new believers and for diocesan and local church structures and strategies.”
[Resolution of the Standing Committee, October 1994]

In preparing its report, this Synod encourages the Evangelism Task Group to work with other Commissions, the Bishops and agencies of our Church, and prayerfully to seek to understand God’s call to us at this time.

It further requests that the final report be given careful consideration by Standing Committee and that its findings become one of the major agenda items for the National Conference in 1997.

[The Right Reverend G.V. Browning – 6-7-95]

Resolution year: 1995
Resolution number: 48/95