Evangelism, the Church's primary task

Movers Jeffreys, I.F.

That, in view of the rapid increase in the number of Australians who have rejected any Christian affiliation, this General Synod affirms that evangelism is now the primary task of this Church; and it calls upon

(a) the dioceses to provide resources for the training of lay people in ways of communicating their faith;

(b) the parishes to see themselves as the place from which evangelism is launched and in which nurture is
given to new Christians;

(c) the members of this Church to be open with each other and with those outside the Church about their
faith and its meaning in their lives;

(d) the clergy to intensify their spiritual ministry to their congregations to encourage a deeper personal
commitment to Christ and to the spread of his gospel.

[Miss I.F. Jeffreys, 24.8.81]

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 12/81