Faithfulness in Service and National Consistency regarding professional standards

Movers Grant, S

Canon Sandy Grant moving, The Very Rev’d Kanishka Raffel seconding

Synod notes repeated concern expressed for children and vulnerable persons other than children in our churches and organisations, and the need to protect both children and adults from abuse. Synod also notes the desirability of a nationally consistent approach to professional standards wherever possible.

Therefore Synod requests the General Synod Standing Committee (GSSC) to report to the next session of General Synod on the status of Faithfulness in Service (in the current form approved by GSSC) as our national code of conduct in the various dioceses, specifically:

1. Which dioceses have adopted the Faithfulness in Service without amendment as their code of conduct?
2. Which dioceses have adopted Faithfulness in Service with amendment as their code of conduct?
3. Which dioceses have used Faithfulness in Service, with or without amendment, in some manner other than as a code of conduct?
4. Which dioceses have a code of conduct other than Faithfulness in Service (with or without amendments)?

Synod also requests GSSC, in consultation with the Professional Standards Commission, to report to the next session of General Synod on preferred options for effectively ensuring that professional standards regarding the care and protection of adults, especially the vulnerable in our midst, are nationally consistent to the greatest extent possible.

8 September 2017

Resolution year: 2017
Resolution number: 64/17