Financial Reports and Staffing

Movers James, A.G.

That General Synod, aware of the Standing Committee’s responsibilities under Rule III, s.5 to formulate the General Budget of the General Synod and to make assessments upon the dioceses, requests the Standing Committee

(i) to continue the practice of preparing budgets annually (rather than four-yearly as previously;

(ii) to circulate to the dioceses copies of annual accounts for all General Synod entities after audit and
acceptance by the Standing Committee;

(iii) to continue to invest the funds derived to 31st December, 1980 from the royalties and profits from
“An Australian Prayer Book” and to apply the interest therefrom to the General Budget;

(iv) to provide for an additional executive member of the General Synod secretariat to assist, chiefly,
in the work of the General Synod Councils and Commissions.

[Mr. A. G. James, 24.8.81]

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 16/81