General Support of Indigenous Ministries

Movers Huggins, P.

The General Synod notes with appreciation the extra provisions made by the Standing Committee to support the work of NATSIAC following the passing of the NATSIAC Canon at the 11th General Synod.

The General Synod notes the establishment of the Indigenous Ministries Trust Fund; welcomes the contributions that have been made to the capital of that Fund; and strongly encourages new and further contributions from all Australian Anglicans, parishes, dioceses and agencies.

The General Synod authorises the payment in 2002 of $10 000 to be paid to support the ministries of the Indigenous members of the House of Bishops under Section 17(8) of the Constitution and such further amounts as may be determined by the Standing Committee of General Synod.

Bishop P Huggins moved, Bishop R Herft seconding,
Carried 25/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 28/01